5 Nov

The Psychology Of Consumers In Electronic Commerce

If you want to understand the thoughts and behavior of the consumer better online, take a look at the infographic. It is the result of a study that analyzes how the different variables of a website affect the purchase intention, a study in which the design of an online store is examined, the loading speed, the payment method, the usability, the return policy … variables that we must always take into account in the e-commerce world.

The infographic, in use, offers data that helps to understand the reason why a user leaves the page in the middle of the purchase:

  • – 56% of consumers abandoned the checkout process when they were presented with unexpected costs
  • – 68.63% is the average of online purchases abandoned, calculated based on 33 different studies
  • – 36% of online shoppers did not finish their checkout process because they found a better price elsewhere.

They also comment on how it affects the existence of a chat, customer support and opinions of other people, three factors often decisive.

The world of coupons, the social responsibility of the company and the programs that increase consumer loyalty are also variables analyzed in the study.