2 Nov

How To Boost Sales With Email Marketing

Attraction marketing or email marketing is one of the most used means to boost sales and attract customers. And one of the best results offered in the short and medium term.

Email marketing is an excellent tool to publicize the latest offers and promotions among our customer base, boosting sales and increasing the income we receive through digital channels.

To carry out an email marketing campaign, it is essential to have a well-segmented database, since otherwise, this strategy can be ineffective and counterproductive, producing the unwanted effect of becoming spam. With the consequent possible blocking of our account or the withdrawal of the client, to which we can not offer anything ever again.

Thus, email marketing is one of the best options to send valuable information with services, promotions or launches, for example, to a database of authorized emails.

Why should we consider email marketing in our digital marketing strategy? Because it is the main having significant conversion percentage since we are targeting a qualified target audience.

When a user registers in an email list or fills in a form, they accept specific conditions and also indicate that they are interested in a particular product or service. So it is a potential customer who is already involved in buying and is looking for.

Email marketing has an advantage over other digital marketing strategies: it is low cost . Especially if we take into account the reduction in investment that can be made compared to an offline advertising campaign on outdoor media such as billboards or flyer distribution.

Its impact is much more effective, and the results are measurable. We can know from the number of messages that have arrived correctly to their recipient, such as those who have clicked on a link or browsing history within a website.

An email marketing campaign can be launched in a short space of time, counting on the design of the same, the sending and the evaluation of the results. In 72 hours you could get to run altogether.

The added value of this type of campaign is that they are visually beautiful, which is why they generate a significant impact, enhancing the brand image and the products.

This type of campaigns, combined with strategies for capturing records with Google Adwords, is especially useful, since they manage to win, on the one hand, a qualified traffic that searches for a product; and on the other side, turn it into a record with which to work a sustained loyalty in time that can become a client.