3 Nov

The First Impression Is The One That Remains

Having so much information and so close on the Internet is very useful, it makes our life a lot easier, but it also means that we are often very risky and we believe we have known that we do not have.

In these moments in which due to the need to look for new occupations, we choose to undertake, to set up our own business, in some cases it is assumed that deciding a brand, registering a domain, designing a corporate image, setting up a website, creating profiles in different social networks, etc., are minor issues for which it is not necessary to have any external advice not to invest in this aspect. These issues are still seen as intangible that can be assumed internally, and the investment is diverted to the tangible part.

From the outside, everything looks natural, and often the rush, the need to start a new project means that we do not measure well and this makes the final result is not the appetizing one.

Nothing is further from the reality, today in a market as open and transparent as it is today, totally globalized and that we are in view of the whole world, each time it becomes more relevant these aspects, an issue that gets worse because you think that if it is not correct at all, it will be modified in the future. You do not have to be very expert in Communication to know that prestige and reputation in the digital world must be gained based on time, patience, many hours, and well-doing and a calculation error when choosing the wrong domain, Having to redo the web, or not correctly maintain our profiles on social networks, can waste precious time.

From the outside, everything looks easy and often the rush, the need to start a new project means that we do not measure well and this can lead us to a different result than expected.

This can lead or influence the failure of the business project, and we must be very cautious because we will not have many opportunities and neither the entrepreneur nor the global Spanish society can afford to fail.

From here I want to reflexion on the need to build the business project on a reliable basis. First economic and of course that is strong at the level of the image is the first thing they will see us and as the saying goes.

“The first impression is the one that remains.”

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